Nika. Southern Indiana.

Class of 2015.

I guess this really is moving on.





I should have never made her eat the doo doo

She’ll never come back

Everything we shared was for fuckcing nothing???

It’s all over because of a little doo doo

This isn’t a macklemore song, please don’t disrespect his art. He is a good rapper and people make fun of him because he is white. This post is racist.

what the fuck

Spent the day touring IUS with my best friend and we got Quiznos after. I don’t know, I’ve just never felt so at peace. Just sitting around talking about life and all this shit. Lol no better way to spend my Monday.


a text I did not think I would ever have to send


October 19th 
I’m in love.

I find myself crying every night because of this.